I am looking to hire a super star to assist with growing my training business at 7starcourses. What we do at 7starcourses is to provide education and training that help small business owners to grow their businesses faster.
I am looking for someone who:
(1) Knows how to work with basic internet marketing tools. E.g. Autoresponders, Google docs, WordPress, Microsoft programs, domain names, hosting etc.
(2) Is experienced with basic internet marketing skills. E.g. Has basic knowledge of email marketing, Pay per click, Facebook advertising etc
(3) Stays in or around Lekki/Lagos Island
(4) Is self-driven and highly motivated
(5) Is cool and relaxed, but always pushing to get things done. It’s important that you like to take responsibility, and your main focus is always delivering results.
(6) Is willing to work with us for a minimum of 12 months and will sign a legal agreement to do so
(7) Has an excellent command of English language (both written and spoken)
(8) Enjoys reading and learning.
The Main Components of the Work Would Be:
1) Support – You will be dealing with our customers directly and helping them solve various issues from ordering problems to small marketing challenges. This will be done via phone, email and our personal customer forum
2) You will also be assisting me with creating various marketing campaigns for 7starcourses and for clients. These campaigns can be in the areas of email marketing, PPC advertising, Video marketing etc
3) You will be working with MS word, PowerPoint, WordPress to prepare documents, presentations etc
NOTE: The minimum certificate requirement for this position is SSCE. I am not a big believer in school certificates. I believe more in your skills, personal development and drive but you must meet the requirements listed above.
If you are qualified and interested, here is what you should do:
What to Do
Write a letter to convince me that you are the best person for this position.
The letter should also include the following:
>> Your details (Full name, address, phone number, certificate, Facebook address)
>> Your career/business experience
>> Your internet marketing skills
>> Your salary expectations.
>> Confirmation that you meet each of the requirements I’ve listed above
Send the letter to
I’m going to review every response I get personally, and I’ll contact you via phone if I think that you’d be a good fit.
NOTE: The remuneration for this position is massive regardless of your certificate. Apart from the monetary part, you will also have the opportunity to learn directly from me and get access to my network of A-level players.
If you do not follow the “simple” instructions in this advert, your entry will be trashed.

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