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Online Business

With the advent of the Internet, home grown, self taught graphic designers compete on the same playing field with professional graphic designers for a slice of what seems to be like an ever growing graphic design business pie.

While many sources might have you believe that all it takes to start a Freelance Web/Graphic Design business is a cool software, printer and fancy paper, the truth is that this is a business that banks on creative and artistic skill before business savvy. More often than not, any lack of skill or attention to detail comes across glaringly in your finished artwork.

Graphic Designers need to have an eye for detail, creative and artistic ability to transform an idea into an image, good color co-ordination and be able to produce clean work often under tight deadlines.

Web Designers need the same skills as a Graphic Designer and then some. They need to know a bit of HTML, how to use and optimize graphics for websites and the technical aspects of building, then uploading a website.

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